Adventure Girl’s December Green Award Goes To…

Adventure Girl’s December Green Award Goes To…

Adventure Girl Cousine Island

Cousine Island- Grand Anse (Praslin), Seychelles

So…What about ‘um?

Cousine Island is a haven for nature and man. This privately owned nature reserve is home to rare birds and breeding turtles, offering an exclusive tropical island experience combined with complete privacy. Guests take time to marvel at the simple things in life; the shape of a cloud, the sound of palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, the pleasure of leaving the only set of footprints along the dazzling sugar white beach.

On Cousine Island they live by the mission: “To promote and practice nature conservation and the wise use of natural resources of the island and its surroundings” and to share this philosophy with our guests. On Cousine Island it is possible to live for a time in another sort of world: the sort of world Seychelles was before the arrival of man, yet with every comfort modern man enjoys.

Since it first opened in 2000, Cousine Island has been constantly striving to create awareness for its dedication to conservation by participating in worldwide awards for sustainable tourism. These include prestigious awards in notably the UK and Continental Europe, as well as internationally recognized achievements, such as securing a global environmental fund by The World Bank.

By staying on Cousine Island the guests contribute to the funding needed to secure its future. All funds raised by Cousine Island are used to run the island. The guests’ information pack states that “tourism development is the only revenue generating activity purely to ensure the long-term sustainability of conservation.”

Cousine Island – a conservation success story offering a unique opportunity for escapism of the highest order with a degree of privacy almost impossible to find in the 21st Century.

Activities- How Cool!

Fishing, Sailing, Nature Trails, Diving, Hiking, Golf, Beaches, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Walking, Swimming Pool, Spa & Gym

What they say, Why they are Green!

Alternative Energy Resources: Solar Panels

Dietary Selections: Vegan, Vegetarian We take actions to: conserve water, install eco-friendly lighting, reduce oil/gas carbon emissions, compost waste food, recycle wherever possible, use bio degradable cleaning agents, use renewable natural furnishings, source food locally, offer local employment, instruct staff in green practices, include green room info packs, conserve/care for wildlife in our area, Winner of the 2007 World Travel Award: Indian Ocean’s leading eco-tourism destination. We offer conservation education to schools and wildlife clubs in Seychelles.