A playful take on epicure at “Barton G.”

A playful take on epicure at “Barton G.”

What do you get when you mix comfort food and the theatrics of a brilliant entrepreneur with a child-like imagination? Barton G. LA., the Miami restaurant that recently landed on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood.Barton G Interior

The man behind this new and stunning WEHO haunt is Barton G. Weiss, an internationally acclaimed concept design guru, author, and restaurateur. He is also the visionary, who turned Gianni Versace’s former private residence into one of South Beach’s chicest hotels.

One might drive by the restaurant’s exterior and think the location to be a Gucci-esque design house instead of LA’s hottest dining establishment. That is, until first time guests and foodies alike, walk through the stud-laden metal entrance not knowing exactly what they are in for– an evening into sensory epicure.

Contemporary in feel, with a nod to Hollywood glamor, creme tones accented by touches of rose-gold and raspberry meet cappuccino colored drapery in the dining room, with floor-to-ceiling fresh orchid wall displays, an exhibition-style pastry kitchen and 15-foot Pink Onyx Bar.

“Everything at the restaurant is calculated to inspire, tickling one’s intellect and appealing to all the senses,” says Weiss.

The soothing look and feel of the dining area is a dichotomy to what happens when over-the-top dishes such as Mouse Trap Mac & Cheese served on a mouse trap or the Lobster Pop Tarts popped from a toaster drop at various tables. The room ignites in conversational unison, exactly the theatrics meant to create a social atmosphere.

Barton G.’s intention offers diners a playful side to epicurism, and there are visual surprises with every meal. “Everything at the restaurant is calculated to inspire, tickling one’s intellect and appealing to all the senses,” says Weiss. “We are bringing out the spirited side of fine dining—color, sound, texture, aroma, and the stimulation of feeling as if transported far from anywhere you have ever been—to create an awe-inspiring style of eating and drinking unlike any other. It’s something that Los Angeles has yet to see.”

Aside from mouth-watering entrees, comes dessert creations such as the Marshmallow Pizza, Sweet Garden pots filled with Key Lime Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie, and the Marie Antoinette’s Head– a cotton candy delight served with mini strawberry shortcakes.

Don’t miss:

Duck Dynasty Spring Rolls, the Blooming Seabass or any of the high-octane liquid nitrogen cocktails such as the Sabrinatini, a refreshing Martini with Orange Vodka, Watermelon Liqueur adorned with a Nitro-Champagne Swizzle Stick and a Chocolate Monkey.

Barton G. LA
861 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069