8Great: Trends: Essential Tips for Holiday Travel

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8Great: Trends: Essential Tips for Holiday Travel

Happy Holidays everyone! We here at Adventure Girl hope you and yours have a blessed, fabulous festive time and a Happy New Year!

We all know, as we scramble to get to loved ones, family and friends around the globe, that means dealing with the headaches of jammed airports, train stations, and roadways.

Our guest writer, Julie Loffredi has pulled together an 8great to help your holiday travels go smoother!

Thanks Julie for these great tips! Safe and happy travels all!

  1. Leave off-peak. If you are heading out on the road, try to leave during off-peak times, if possible. An early morning or late night departure can help avoid a big jam. Also, try to avoid December 23rd– one of the busiest days. Use apps like Waze, a community-based traffic navigation app, to get real-time traffic updates. The app shares traffic problems ahead, gives drivers alternate routes and estimated arrival times.
  2. Plan for the unexpected.Think about worst-case scenarios and have a back-up plan. If you have a game plan in advance, it can really help you from getting overwhelmed and stressed out on your trip.
  1. Download apps.Traveling by air? Download weather and airline apps to track weather conditions and possible delays. If you get the heads up that your flight is cancelled, act fast and get first in line to reschedule.
  1. Hunt for deals.Believe it or not, there’s still time to get last-minute deals. While airfare is more expensive, hotels (especially in less popular holiday destinations) tend to offer lower rates at the end of December. Still need a flight? Check smaller airports for better ticket prices. For deals, check out apps like Hopper and low-fare planning calendars
  1. Redeem credit card rewards. Last-minute travelers should take a look at their credit card rewards program and see how many miles or points they’ve accrued.  It could be enough to pay for that last-minute flight. Check out the Venture Card. Personally, it’s my favorite travel rewards credit card, which is why I’m teaming up with Capital One this holiday season to talk about its benefits. So what makes it special? You can earn 2X the miles on every purchase. Then, you can redeem those miles for any travel-related expense — flights, hotels, even Uber rides! Not to mention, 93 percent of major airline rewards cardholders would earn more miles with the Venture Card.
  1. Ship the gifts!If you are heading by air for the holidays, consider shipping gifts ahead of time. You don’t want to get wacked with extra fees, or for presents to be destroyed during transit. If you do bring along gifts in a carry-on or checked baggage, TSA suggests using a gift bag instead of traditional wrapping paper to simplify the screening process of gifts.
  1. Prep the kids. Give kids a play-by-play on what they’ll expect during your holiday trip. Answer questions ahead of time, like: How long will it take? Will we make stops along the way? What will we do to pass the time? This will help make kids know exactly what to expect.
  1. Schedule downtime.Travel can be stressful! Remember to plan some downtime in that itinerary to prevent burnout. And try to add some fun into traveling — download a new audio book or music to help pass the time.